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Own and Optimize Every Sourcing Moment.

Manage, iterate, and track every candidate engagement with Gem

Build Your Outreach
Create and schedule custom email cadences. Engage with candidates the way only you know how.
Track Every Touchpoint
Repeat what works, forget what doesn't. Gem's Intelligence gives you real time insight on your team's messaging.
Recruit The Way You Want to Be Recruited
No more duplicate outreach, untimely follow up, or noncontexual messaging. Speak your talent's language.

Dropbox Gem 

 "For the first time, Gem allows us to track our entire funnel from reach out to offer out, giving us unparalleled visibility into our hiring process.

Mike Moriarty
Global Head of Engineering Recruiting, Dropbox

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Time to Think Beyond Your Spreadsheets.

Finally, your hiring managers and talent teams can be on the exact same page. Manage passive talent outreach with notes, due dates, custom fields, and stages. Build relationships at scale by sending timely, personal content at optimal intervals, and forecast your team's performance by tracking your pipeline from reach-out to offer out.